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19 April,2016

First successful ‘Liver Transplant Surgery’ conducted at SSH Deccan

A 66 yr old Puniete got a new lease of life after first successful liver transplant at sahyadri hospital deccan, whose liver was damaged by hepatitis B virus. Dual challenge of hepatitis B virus & liver disease was closely monitored & managed by Dr Nitin Pai since 2002. Chronic liver disease was advanced beyond medical management hence he was considered for Liver Transplantation. He had multiple hospital admission for complication of cirrhosis. He was waiting for liver transplant since 3 yrs. He never lost his hope to live in spite of age & waiting period. He was registered with sahyadri hospital just 10 days back. He was alerted as soon as deceased donor was identified in the city hospital. He underwent successful deceased donor liver transplant on 19/03/2016 with just 3 units of blood transfusion. He was not only recovered well but also discharged on sixth post op day with stable condition. Now he is happy man without any salt or water restriction.

Surgeons Team : Dr Bipin Vibhute, Dr Prashantha S Rao, Dr Anurag Shrimal and Dr Gaurav Gupta.

Anaesthesia Team : Dr Manish Pathak , Dr Vikas Karne and Dr Shantunu Shastri.

Heapatologist Team : Dr Suhas Wagle, Dr Lalit Shimpi, Dr Sagar Adkar and Dr Sandeep Kulkarni.

Coordinators : Rahul Tambe and Sharmila Padhye.