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Bibwewadi - Pune020 67213000
Deccan Gymkhana - Pune020 67213700
Karad021 6466 1800
Nashik025 3669 1666

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Dr. Manish Sabnis is Consultant Neurosurgeon at Sahyadri Hospitals. He has done MBBS from the University of Mumbai and DNB (Neurology) from the Pune Institute of Neurology. His aim of entering Neuroscience is to make Neurosurgery easily available and approachable to the society at large and to establish excellence in academia and to further develop the neurosurgery by contributing to research and clinical trials.His area of expertise are Cranial surgeries, Skull base surgeries, Spine surgeries, Paediatric surgeries, Functional Neurosurgery. He has experience of treatment of rare pediatric disease like moya moya syndrome and has conducted studies for Ozone Nucleolysis with more than 1000 cases of prolapsed intervertebral disc treated individually. Has experience in optimization of PHASE CONTRAST MRI for diagnosis and treatment of diseases like normal pressure hydrocephalus. chiari malformation assessment of syrinx in syringomyelia.