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Dr. Rashida Melinkari Physician & Lipidologist, Sahyadri Hospitals Ltd. Dr. Rashida Melinkari is Consultant Physician & Lipidologist at Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana, and runs specialized Cholesterol Clinics dedicated for management of Cholesterol. She is specialized in prevention & treatment of dyslipidemia (cholesterol and other lipid disorders disorders) or related metabolic diseases (such as diabetes) which often lead to heart disease, stroke or atherosclerosis (vascular disease) . In May 2014, Dr.Melinkari pursued Clinical Observership in lipid management under the guidance of Dr. Devaki Nair , Head of Department & Clinical Lead, Dept. of Clinical Biochemistry, Royal Free Hospital, London. She attended Lipid clinics, HIV Lipid clinics, weekly seminars and lectures related to Lipidology and also visited the Genetic Research Laboratory At University College Hospital and also did observership in the Lipid Laboratory. As a part of her association with the Lipid Association Of India, (LAI) She is involved with various activities like Build a National Consensus for Lipid Management guidance in India. Participated in brainstorming sessions held in different cities of India. Coordinated and liaised with expert cardiologists and endocrinologists. Delivered lectures at few meetings of the association.