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Deccan Gymkhana - Pune020 67213000
Kothrud - Pune020 67213300

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Dr. Abhijit Bhandari has over sixteen years of experience in trauma and general orthopedics with a special interest in arthroscopic surgery. He is a MS (Orthopedics), MBBS from Pune and a DNB from Mumbai. His specialization is in the field of Arthroscopy and trauma. Apart from being associated with Sahyadri Hospitals he has also acted as an Orthopedic Consultant at Sanjeevan Hospital (2000 ? 2010). Dr. Bhandari's area of expertise is in the field of Arthroscopy and he has received various recognitions and awards for his work like ? A gold medal in MS (Orthopedics) from the University of Pune (1999) and The Abhinavshree Lifetime Award from The Abhinav School, Pune (2000). He is also an honorary member of the MOACON-POS association.