Sahyadri Centre for Organ Transplant (SCOT)

We at Sahyadri Hospitals have initiated state-of-the-art Liver & Pancreas Transplant Centre in Pune, with a sole objective to make Transplant affordable and accessible to all...

Key Features of Sahyadri Centre for Organ Transplant (SCOT)

  • Fastest growing & most successful Liver Transplant Center in Western India
  • More than 75 Liver Transplants in just 1.5 years
  • One & Only dedicated Emergency Liver Care in Pune
  • Affordable & Accessible Cutting edge Liver Transplant surgery
  • Specialized unit to manage Acute Liver Failure & critically ill Chronic liver disease patients
  • Complex Liver, Pancreatic and Biliary surgery, Surgery for Portal hypertension
  • Entire spectrum of GI surgical services
  • 24 X 7 availability of Multidisciplinary “Liver Team” for care of patent with Liver disease
  • Affordable Packages for Liver Transplant and other Hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgeries
  • A-Z Liver wellness clinic
  • State of art OT and ICU facilities
  • Easy EMI options available for Liver Transplant

Sahyadri Centre for Organ Transplant is a “Centre for Excellence” for the treatment of liver, biliary and pancreatic disorders. We have a muliti-disciplinary team comprising of Liver Transplant Surgeons, Transplant Hepatologists, Surgical & Medical gastroenterologists, Oncologists, dedicated Transplant Anaesthetists and Critical care physicians, Nutritionists, PhySCOTherapists, and Counsellors along with needful allied specialities to offers comprehensive management of Hepato- Pancreatic Biliary disorders. We perform a thorough and complete evaluation of every patient and offer the optimum, standard of care treatment options for cirrhosis (chronic liver disease, CLD), acute liver failure (ALF), cancer of the liver, bile ducts, gall bladder & pancreas and other benign as well as malignant disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract. We perform living related donor and cadaver (brain dead) donor adult liver transplant, paediatric liver transplant, pancreas transplant and simultaneous multi-organ transplant (such as liver & kidney, kidney & pancreas). Our doctors have trained and worked at premier Centre s and are rated amongst the best in their respective areas of specialization. The Liver unit at SCOT is equipped with the state of the art facilities and instrumentation required to deliver results comparable to best in the world. Our intensive care units and operation theatres have laminar air flow systems that are essential to minimize the risk of infection in these complex procedures. Use of latest technology such as Waterjet, Cavitronic Ultrasonic Aspirator (CUSA), Argon Plasma Coagulator (APC) and Harmonic scalpel which reduce blood loss are routine at our center. We believe in safety first and hence have stringent protocols in place for the post-operative care of the transplant recipient to ensure minimum complications with rapid recovery and discharge post surgery. Sahyadri Hospitals has been a pioneer in organ transplantation in India and has to its credit one of the biggest and successful Bone Marrow transplantation programs in India. Keeping in line with our motto “Available, Accessible & Accountable” we are offering Liver Transplantation with good outcomes but at a much lower financial burden.

Scope of services

Hepatology services:

  • Evaluation of abnormal liver tests
  • Viral hepatitis, such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C
  • Autoimmune and cholestatic liver disorders, such as autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, and primary sclerosing cholangitis
  • Metabolic and genetic liver diseases such as fatty liver disease, hereditary hemachromatosis and Wilson’s disease
  • Toxic liver injury, such as from drug and alcohol use
  • End-stage liver disease and cirrhosis
  • Vascular abnormalities, such as Budd-Chiari syndrome
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma

Liver Transplant Clinic

  • Liver transplant evaluation
  • Pre-liver transplant care
  • Post-liver transplant care
  • Acute liver failure
  • End-stage liver disease/cirrhosis from various causes
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Portal hypertension, including portosystemic shunt surgery
  • Organ Transplant surgery
    • Living Donor Liver Transplant
    • Deceased Donor Liver Transplant
    • Split Deceased Donor Liver Transplant
    • Paediatric Liver Transplant
    • Multiorgan Transplant (Liver & Kidney, Kidney & Pancreas)
  • Hepato- Pancreatic Biliary & Gastrointestinal Surgery
    • Surgeries for liver, bile duct, gall bladder and pancreatic cancer
    • Complex surgeries for benign liver, biliary and pancreatic diseases
    • Surgery for portal hypertension
    • Entire spectrum of GI surgical services which include surgeries for oesophagus, stomach & colorectal disorders both benign as well as malignant.

Sahyadri Liver Clinic

The “Liver Clinic” is our endeavour to streamline care of patients Hepato-Pancreatic Biliary (HPB) diseases. Here all the expertise required for the care of such patients is available simultaneously. Patients can consult the Transplant Surgeon, Hepatologist, Nutritionist and PhySCOTherapist simultaneously thus reducing the time required to evaluate a patient, formulate and implement the treatment plan and also modify the treatment depending on the response seen during follow up. This makes the treatment experience fast, more efficient and cost effective.

Liver Transplantation

Simply put, Liver Transplantation is an operation in which the diseased liver is removed and replaced with a healthy liver. We perform liver transplantation for adults as well as children and both live related donor as well as cadaver donor liver transplant. The common indications for liver transplant, in adults are cirrhosis, acute liver failure or liver cancer, and in children are developmental problems of the bile ducts (biliary atresia). Our doctors have been part of several innovative procedures such as domino, swap & ABO incompatible liver transplants and multiorgan transplants such as liver & kidney transplant, kidney & pancreas and “India’s first” heart & liver transplant.

Hepato- Pancreatic Biliary (HPB) Surgery & GI Oncology

Hepato- Pancreatic Biliary (HPB) Surgery is complex. However, we at SCOT are committed to excel in providing current standard of care diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients with HPB diseases. Out Team specialises in surgical treatment of benign conditions as well as malignant disorders of the liver, bile ducts, gall bladder and pancreas. We also offer complex procedures for cancers and benign disorders of the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine (colon). The Team tailors the treatment to each patient’s disease and requirement and offers allied modalities such as radio-frequency ablation (RFA), trans-arterial chemo-embolization (TACE), trans-arterial radio-embolization (TARE), portal vein embolization (PVE), etc whenever indicated.

Acute Liver failure

Acute liver failure (ALF) is a serious condition requiring intensive monitoring and urgent specialist care and which untreated is almost always fatal. We at SCOT have established a dedicated ALF service for rapid response, stabilization and supervised transportation of these patients to our centre. Our “Liver team” is geared to provide the required medical, intensive and if indicated surgical care (liver transplant) for these patients with a high success rate.

Medical Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Our Medical experts treat viral hepatitis, autoimmune and other liver diseases routinely and also have the expertise to manage patients with bleeding into the gut (blood vomiting). Outcomes after liver transplantation depend not only on the surgical expertise but also upon the condition of the patient before surgery. Our Liver surgeons and Physicians work together to optimise the patient medically as much as preoperatively so that the outcomes after transplant are the best possible.

Holistic Liver Health

Our Liver Team focuses not only on the surgical and medical management but also on the holistic improvement in the patient condition. We closely monitor the nutritional, physical fitness and psychological state of our patients and provide support whenever required so that they are in the best possible condition to undergo the operation. Patients who do not require transplant or are unfortunately not candidates for transplant also benefit from our care. Our teams suggest needful lifestyle modifications so as to either alter the course of the disease process or improve the quality of life as much as possible.

Our Multi-disciplinary Team

  • Liver and Multiorgan Transplant, HPB & GI Surgery
    • Dr. Bipin B Vibhute
    • Dr. Dinesh Zirpe
    • r. Aniruddha Bhosale
  • Medical Gastroenterology & Hepatology
    • Dr. Amol Bapaye (Visiting Consultant)
    • Dr. Vinay Thorat (Visiting Consultant)
    • Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni
    • Dr. Nisha Kapoor
    • Dr. Suhas Wagle
    • Dr. Lalit Shimpi
    • Dr. Mahesh Mahadik (Visiting Consultant)
  • Transplant Anaesthesia & Critical Care
    • Dr. Manish K Pathak
    • Dr. Manoj Raut
    • Dr. Vikas Karne
    • Dr. Girish Date
  • Associate Surgeon
    • Dr. Abhijeet Mane
  • Nephrologist
    • Dr. Atul Sajgure
    • Dr. Sachin Patil
  • Urologist
    • Dr. Ketan Pai
  • General Surgeon
    • Dr. Sanjay Kolte
  • Vascular Surgeon
    • Dr. Adwait Kothurkar
  • Transplant Coordinator
    • Mr. Rahul Tambe
    • Mr. Arun Ashokan
  • Transplant Medical Social Worker
    • Mrs. Sharmila Padhye

Organ Transplant Authorisation

Authorization Committee

As per the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (1994) [Act no. 42 of 1994] and the Transplantation of Human Organs Rules (1995) as amended vide GSR 571(E), dt 31-7-2008, w.e.f. 4-8-2008 every authorised transplantation centre is required to display the decision of the Authorisation Committee on hospital notice boards and hospital website regularly.

Transplant Approval Status

Sahyadri Speciality Hospital 30-C Erandwane Pune 411004

Sr. No.DateDonorRecipient(PRN)OrganApproval of Authorisation CommitteeStatus
112/05/2008Live Donor177718Kidney11/11/2008Done on 5/12/2008
227/7/2010Live Donor194794Kidney04/01/2010 Done on 27/7/2010
320/7/2010 Live Donor141777Kidney28/6/10 Done on 20/7/2010
412/03/2013Live Donor274316Kidney22/10/13 Done on 3/12/2013
512/10/2013Live Donor323006Kidney 22/10/13Done on 10/12/2013
624/6/2014Live Donor305103Kidney06/03/2014 Done on 24/6/2014
720/9/2014Live Donor340986Kidney 06/03/2014Done on 20/9/2014
819/2/2015Live Donor294102Kidney02/03/2015 Done on 19/2/2015
917/3/2015Live Donor349599Kidney25/2/15 Done on 17/3/2015
1022/4/2015Live Donor359705Kidney 04/10/2015Done on 22/4/2015
1129/4/2015Live Donor331172Kidney04/10/2015 Done on 29/4/2015
1214/10/2015Live Donor371027Kidney SSH- 16/9/15, SGH-24/9/15Done on 14/10/2015
1319/8/2015Cadaver264982KidneyNA Done on 19/8/2015
1421/11/15Cadaver359976KidneyNA Done on 21/11/15
1518/3/2016Cadaver 393462LiverNA Done on 18/3/2016
1628/3/2016Cadaver394144LiverNA Done on 28/3/2016
1728/3/2016Cadaver351519KidneyNA Done on 28/3/2016
1804/04/2016Cadaver394389Liver NADone on 4/4/2016
1904/04/2016Cadaver335091KidneyNA Done on 4/4/2016
2004/04/2016Cadaver207398KidneyNA Done on 4/4/2016
2104/07/2016Cadaver391500LiverNA Done on 7/4/2016
2204/12/2016Cadaver395166LiverNA Done on 12/4/2016
2305/02/2016Cadaver392757Liver NADone on 2/5/2016
2405/06/2016Cadaver386632LiverNA Done on 6/5/2016
2505/10/2016Cadaver396513Kidney NADone on 10/5/2016
2605/10/2016Cadaver397171LiverNA Done on 10/5/2016
2713/5/2016Cadaver303079KidneyNA Done on 13/5/2016
2823/5/2016Cadaver398409Liver NA Done on 23/5/2016
2923/5/2016Cadaver398409Kidney NADone on 23/5/2016
3006/10/2016Cadaver385273LiverNA Done on 10/6/2016
3106/10/2016Cadaver396561KidneyNA Done on 10/6/2016
3215/6/2016Live Donor399797Liver14/6/16 Done on 15/6/2016
3321/6/2016Cadaver403379Liver NADone on 21/6/2016
3427/6/2016Cadaver396615LiverNA Done on 27/6/2016
3507/07/2016Cadaver396510LiverNA Done on 7/7/2016
3607/07/2016Cadaver321975KidneyNA Done on 7/7/2016
3707/08/2016Live Donor393845Kidney31/5/16 Done on 8/7/2016
3807/10/2016Cadaver400316LiverNA Done on 10/7/2016
3907/10/2016Cadaver334622KidneyNA Done on 10/7/2016
4023/7/2016Cadaver397650LiverNA Done on 23/7/2016
4126/7/2016Live Donor324786Kidney 15/7/16Done on 26/7/2016
4227/7/2016Cadaver403083LiverNA Done on 27/7/2016
4327/7/2016Cadaver403085KidneyNA Done on 27/7/2016
4408/06/2016Cadaver402966LiverNA Done on 6/8/2016
4522/8/2016Live Donor401405Liver08/02/2016 Done on 22/8/2016
4624/8/2016Cadaver405378LiverNA Done on 24/8/2016
4724/8/2016Cadaver318196KidneyNA Done on 24/8/2016
4809/04/2016Cadaver401887LiverNA Done on 4/9/2016
4910/01/2016Cadaver406410Liver NADone on 1/10/2016
5010/11/2016Cadaver 358267LiverNA Done on 11/10/2016
5113/10/2016Cadaver401206LiverNA Done on 13/10/2016
5213/10/2016Cadaver402393KidneyNA Done on 13/10/2016
5323/10/2016Live Donor406617Liver21/10/16 Done on 23/10/2016
5426/10/16Live Donor409017Liver21/10/16 Done on 26/10/16
5511/10/2016Live Donor400997Kidney 30/9/16done on 10/11/16
5611/10/2016Cadaver403379LiverNA Done on 11/11/16
5711/10/2016Cadaver411222KidneyNA Done on 11/11/16
5818/11/16Live Donor295315Kidney30/9/16Done on 18/11/16
5927/11/16 Cadaver408387Liver NA Done on 28/11/16
6012/02/2016Cadaver401572Liver NADone on 3/12/16
6112/02/2016Cadaver397128Kidney NA Done on 3/12/16
6212/08/2016 Cadaver406428LiverNA Done on 8/12/16
6312/12/2016Live Donor 398103Liver29/11/16 Done on 12/12/16
6401/01/2017Cadaver 411413Liver NA Done on 2/1/17
6501/03/2017Cadaver339308Liver NA Done on 4/1/17
66 31/1/17Live Donor 413062Liver23/1/17Done on 31/1/17
67 02/01/2017Cadaver412796Liver02/01/2017 Done on 1/2/17
68 02/09/2017 Cadaver 412841Liver 02/09/2017 Done on 9/2/17
69 14/2/17 Live Donor 413991 Liver 23/1/17 Done on 14/2/17
70 14/2/17 Cadaver 417495Liver24/2/17Done on 24/2/17
71 24/2/17Cadaver203970Kidney 24/2/17 Done on 24/2/17
72 03/01/2017Live Donor417470 Liver 23/2/2017 Done on 1/3/17
73 16/3/17 Live Donor418052Liver 23/2/2018 Done on16/3/17
74 22/3/17Cadaver417607 Liver22/3/17 Done on 22/3/17
75 22/3/17 Cadaver 417607 Liver NA Done on 22/3/17
76 04/09/2017 Cadaver 404961 Liver NA Done on 9/4/2017
77 04/11/2017 Live Donor 416004 Liver 04/04/2017 Done on 11/4/17
78 18/4/17 Cadaver 416559 Liver NA Done on 18/4/17
79 18/4/17 Cadaver 403203 Kidney NA Done on 18/4/17
80 20/4/17 Cadaver 406957 Liver NA Done on 20/4/17
81 05/03/2017 Cadaver 421053 Liver NA Done on 3/5/17
82 22/5/17 Live Donor 406957 Liver 05/11/2017 Done on 22/5/17
83 06/08/2001 Live Donor 408851 Liver 06/06/2017 Done on 8/6/17
84 06/12/2017 Live Donor 417229 Liver 18/4/17 Done on 12/6/17
85 17/6/17 Cadaver 793872 Liver NA Done on 15/6/17
86 17/6/17 Cadaver 809030 Kidney NA Done on 15/6/17
87 17/6/17 Cadaver 809030 Pancreas NA Done on 15/6/17
88 19/6/17 Live Donor 804141 Liver 13/6/17 Done on 19/6/17
89 07/06/2017 Cadaver 420202 Liver NA Done on 6/7/17
90 18/7/17 Live Donor 365070 Kidney 13/6/17 Done on 18/7/17
91 21/7/17 Live Donor 813198 Liver 21/7/17 Done on 21/7/17
92 26/7/17 Live Donor 412956 Kidney 18/7/17 Done on 26/7/17
93 26/7/17 Live Donor 421084 Liver 18/7/17 Done on 26/7/17
94 20/9/17 831574 832563 Liver NA done on21/9/17
95 20/9/17 831574 832563 Kidney NA done on21/9/17
96 21/9/17 832655 417595 Liver NA done on 22/9/17
97 23/9/17 825855 819777 Liver 20/9/17 done on 23/9/17
98 25/9/17 833441 817071 Liver 20/9/17 done on 25/9/17
99 29/9/17 831324 829119 Liver 20/9/17 done on 29/9/17
100 7/10/2017 Cadaver 836421 Liver NA done on 7/10/17
101 26/10/17 840343 835781 Liver NA done on 26/10/17
102 26/10/17 840343 804775 Kidney NA done on 26/10/17
103 27/10/17 840409 840731 Kidney pancrea NA done on 27/10/17
104 27/10/17 840409 418729 Liver NA done on 27/10/17
105 31/10/17 784474 791164 Liver 11/10/2017 done on 31/10/17
106 7/11/2017 847132 824547 Liver NA Done on 7/11/17
107 17/11/17 849551 825922 Liver NA Done on 17/11/17
108 1/12/2017 853089 419628 Liver NA Done on 1/12/17
109 1/12/2017 853089 420513 Kidney NA Done on 1/12/17
110 13/12/17 Cadaver Nagpur 415367 Liver NA Done on 13/12/17
111 4/1/2018 854139 821437 Liver 22/12/17 Done on 4/1/18
112 8/1/2018 846439 849806 Liver 11/12/2017 Done on 8/1/18
113 9/1/2018 859218 401717 Liver NA Done on 9/1/18
114 9/1/2018 859218 720264 Kidney NA Done on 9/1/18
115 11/1/2018 545334 859282 Liver 10/1/2018 Done on 11/1/18
116 13/1/18 Cadaver Solapur 861316 Liver NA Done on 13/1/18
117 23/1/18 858007 813112 Liver 16/1/18 Done on 23/1/18
118 30/1/18 866740 858786 Liver 19/1/18 Done on 30/1/18
119 8/2/2018 861565 858330 Liver 16/1/18 Done on 8/2/18
120 15/2/18 870648 870652 Liver 15/2/18 Done on 15/2/18
121 13/3/18 871537 867595 Liver 3/3/2018 Done on 13/3/18
122 13/3/18 356121 396244 Kidney 5/2/2018 Done on 13/3/18
123 19/3/18 865157 878968 Liver 30/1/18 Done on 19/3/18
124 31/3/18 872951 872715 Liver 19/3/18 Done on 31/3/18
125 11/4/2018 881091 86837 Liver 6/4/2018 Done on 11/4/18
126 16/4/18 878196 877975 Liver 4/4/2018 Done on 16/4/18
127 18/4/18 883698 871331 Liver 17/4/18 Done on 18/4/18
128 28/4/18 cadaver RUBY 887489 Kidney NA Done 28/4/18
129 28/4/18 cadaver RUBY 887489 Pancrea NA Done 28/4/18
130 7/5/2018 865032 859017 Kidney 4/4/2018 Done on 7/5/18
131 9/5/2018 495786 419237 Kidney NA Done on 9/5/18
132 9/5/2018 495786 786068 Liver NA Done on 9/5/18
133 22/5/18 211086 869735 Liver 19/3/18 Done on 22/5/18
134 7/6/2018 895763 877237 Liver NA Done on 7/6/18
135 9/6/2018 896518 849777 Liver NA Done on 9/6/18
136 10/6/2018 895338 823440 Liver NA Done on 10/6/18
137 10/6/2018 895338 811366 Kidney NA Done on 10/6/18
138 10/6/2018 895338 811366 Pancrea NA Done on 10/6/18
139 14/7/18 Cadaver Aster Aadhar Kolhapur 863998 Liver NA Done on14/7/18
140 30/7/18 892322 890887 Liver 29/6/18 Done on 30/7/18
141 01/08/18 900602 882799 Liver 6/7/2018 Done on 1/8/2018
142 7/8/2018 898945 896195 Kidney 26/7/18 Done on7/8/2018
143 14/8/18 870210 868620 Liver 29/5/18 Done on14/8/18
144 22/8/18 Cadaver Ashwini H. Solapur 914106 Kidney NA Done on22/8/18
145 22/8/18 Cadaver Ashwini H. Solapur 914106 Pancreas NA Done on22/8/18
146 22/8/18 900807 897220 Liver 6/7/2018 Done on22/8/18
147 9/9/2018 919100 919308 Kidney NA Done on9/9/2018
148 9/9/2018 919100 919308 Pancreas NA Done on9/9/2018
149 09/09/18 919100 358267 Liver NA Done on9/9/2018
150 17/9/18 907116 898676 Liver 4/8/2018 Done on17/9/18
151 22/10/18 918067 917911 Liver 4/10/2018 Done on22/10/18
152 23/10/18 911144 405708 Kidney 17/10/18 Done on23/10/18
153 29/10/18 928775 919067 Liver 25/10/18 Done on29/10/18
154 01/11/18 924594 919743 Liver 30/10/18 Done on1/11/2018
155 03/11/18 930310 927932 Liver 30/10/18 Done on3/11/2018

Fast Track to Recovery Post Organ Transplant Patient recovers faster and was discharged on 3rd day of Surgery, which is a rare feat

Sahyadri Hospitals’ has always believed in constantly innovating treatments to ensure the best care possible to all patients. Cutting edge pre and postoperative care help speedy recovery and improve cost efficiency. The hospital recently conducted a liver transplant on a 62 year old male suffering from end stage liver cirrhosis with liver cancer. With the newer, internationally approved measures and meticulous pre – operative and post – operative procedures, the patient was able to be discharged on the third day after the surgery. This ensured that the cost of the surgery was brought down considerably as well.

Liver transplants are usually quite lengthy. However, by using cutting edge world class transplant facilities and procedures, Sahyadri Hospitals’ Liver Transplant Team made sure that the patient was very well prepared physically, mentally and nutritionally prior to the surgery. Sahyadri Hospitals were thus able to shorten the duration of stay in the hospital which also reduced the cost of surgery.

The 'fast-track approach', however, is not for all. It is used only in carefully selected patients. In addition to faster recovery, fast-track approach also helps in slashing the cost of surgery, said doctors.

The Liver Team believed that the patient would recover fastest when at home. They ensured that progress reports were sent twice a day. The pre surgery protocols and post-operative care for the patient that were put in place made it possible for the patient to be discharged soon after the surgery. With our advanced infrastructure, latest technology and internationally approved procedures it is more becoming easy to ensure fast and safe treatments for our patients.

The surgery was performed at Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Deccan Gymkhana by a team comprising Multi-organ Transplant surgeons – Dr Bipin Vibhute, Dr. Sharan Narute, Dr. Dinesh Zirpe, Dr Anurag Shrimal & Dr Gaurav Gupta, Transplant anaesthetist Dr Manish Pathak, Hepatlogist & Gatsroenterologist Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni, Asst. Surgeon Dr. Abhijeet Mane, Transplant coordinators – Mr Arun Ashokan & Mr Rahul Tambe & Medical Social Worker - Mrs Sharmila Padhye.

Liver transplant is among the most expensive surgical procedures being performed. Our vision is to make clinical care patient centric & affordable without compromising on its quality so that it can benefit many more people in India. We, believe that Fast Tracking is the way to go so that we can reduce the hospital stay and hence the cost of transplant. Using Fast Tracking surgery our Transplant Team could discharge most of our patients (approx. 90%) on day 5 of transplant Surgery.

For the First time in Western India, Sahyadri Hospitals conducts Kidney & Pancreas Transplant and Liver Transplant simultaneous

Sahyadri Hospitals have successfully conducted kidney & pancreas transplant and liver transplant simultaneously on different patients on 16th June 2017 at Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Deccan Gymkhana. For the first time in Western India, a single centre has performed kidney & pancreas transplant and liver transplant simultaneously on different patients. This was the second kidney and pancreas transplant conducted in the state of Maharashtra and also marked the 50th liver transplant by Sahyadri Hospitals.

Kidney and pancreas were transplanted to a 27 year old who was suffering from renal failure and severe diabetes which had damaged his kidney, while the liver was transplanted to a 62 year old patient who was suffering from chronic liver disease.

Diabetes is one of the most common problems in India and can affect various organs. Replacing kidney and pancreas is one of the most useful solution, however, pancreas transplant are still rare in India. Simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas transplant is an operation to replace kidney and pancreas at the same time in a patient who has kidney failure and also suffers from diabetes, needing very high insulin dose to control sugars.

This surgery eliminates problems by optimally controlling sugar levels and by protecting the transplanted kidney from the adverse effects of diabetes. Additionally, it will also help reverse the effects of diabetes on other systems including peripheral neuropathy thus, protecting the limbs. The complex transplant surgeries were performed with the help of various speciality doctors including multi-organ transplant surgeons - Dr. Bipin Vibhute, Dr. Anil Vaidya, Dr. Dinesh Zirpe, Dr. Sharan Narute & Dr. Abhijeet Mane, transplant Anaesthetists - Dr. Manish Phatak & Dr. Dinesh Babu, Nephrologist - Dr. Sachin Patil & Hepatologist, Gastroenterologist - Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni. Transplant coordinators - Mr. Arun Ashokan & Mr. Rahul Tambe and Medical Social Worker Ms. Sharmila Padhye were also part of this team.

Sahyadri Hospitals witnesses green corridor!!! from Nashik to Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune on 10th May 2016.

A Liver and a Kidney of a Brain Dead Patient in Nashik transported to Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana via Green Corridor in record 3.25 hrs.

  • First of its kind green corridor on Nashik-Pune highway
  • Sahyadri Hospital’s first intercity Organ transfer

For the first time, a green corridor was set up from Nashik to Pune when the liver of a brain-dead 55-year-old woman was brought to Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Deccan Gymkhana for transplant on 10th May.  The harvested Liver was transplanted in 49 years old patient suffering from chronic liver disease.

55 year old lady was admitted with hypertensive intracranial bleeding at Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Nashik on 7th May. Assessing her medical condition, she was declared brain dead on 9th May. The medical team of Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Nashik counseled the relatives of brain dead patient for Organ donation, to which they agreed voluntarily.

Since, Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Nashik is not an official centre for Organ retrieval, the donor was transferred to an official organ retrieval centre in Nashik. The liver was allocated to Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Deccan Gymkhana according to ZTCC rules and regulations.

Sahyadri Hospitals liver team immediately travelled to Nashik and carried out the Organ retrieval procedure in the morning.  As per the requirement, a green corridor was created between Nashik and Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune for unhindered transportation of the liver. The distance of 210 km was covered in just 3.25 hours. The successful green corridor was the result of planned and coordinated efforts of the traffic division.

The event saw a well-coordinated effort of more than 100 traffic police officers in Pune, Traffic Police at Nashik, Medical team of Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Nashik, which counselled the organ donor family, our liver team & the entire Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana medical & operations team.

Pune’s First Living Donor Liver Transplant for Acute Liver Failure (Aug 16)

Father donates liver to save 9 year old daughter’s life in Pune’s first Living Donor Liver Transplant for Acute Liver Failure . In such cases, the major challenge is immediate availability of a Liver Transplant Surgeons. In this case, the liver transplant done for ALF was a life-saving procedure. After the successful surgery of liver transplant, the girl child and her father both have recovered well.

81 Year old lady becomes Pune’s oldest organ donor- makes for a healthy liver transplant (Oct 16)

A healthy 81-year-old woman with no history of diseases and morbidities, became the oldest donor from the city after donating her liver. The organ was given to a 56-year-old patient who was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and cancer.

In a first, recipient of a transplant donates organ (Jan 17)

In the first such instance in the country and the second in the world, the liver of a 42-year-old brain-dead woman, who was a kidney transplant recipient two years ago, was donated and successfully transplanted into a 66-year-old liver cirrhotic patient in Jan 17.

For the First time in Western India, Sahyadri Hospitals perform Liver, Kidney & Pancreas Transplant on a same day (Jun 17)

The Transplant Team at Sahyadri Hospitals successfully conducted Kidney, pancreas & liver transplant simultaneously on 2 different patients on a single day. This was also the second kidney and pancreas transplant conducted in the state of Maharashtra. Kidney and pancreas were transplanted to a 27 year old suffering from renal failure and severe diabetes. The liver was transplanted to a 62 year old patient suffering from chronic liver disease.

Pune records 6 Organ Transplants in 6 Days!! – Sahayadri Hospitals’ Team Transforms 5 Lives in 6 Days through Consecutive Organ Transplants (Sep 17)

Sahyadri Hospitals’ Transplant team recently accomplished a never before heard of feat, successfully completing 6 transplants (5 liver & 1 Kidney Transplants) in 6 days working tirelessly with clockwork precision. Understanding the need of hour, the expert team of Doctors from Sahyadri, operated five patients in 6 days recently who were suffering from Wilson Disease, Cryptogenic, Liver and Kidney failure and Liver Cirrhosis. The dedicated surgeons, anaesthetists, technicians and transplant coordinators all worked tirelessly in complete sync with each other to ensure that each surgery was a complete success.


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