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  Deccan Gymkhana

The inception of Sahyadri Specialty Hospital, Blood Bank was done on 30th Dec 2005. It is situated on 6th floor of Karve Road building & functioning round the clock.

We have infrastructure established for whole blood & component therapy. Voluntary & Replacement donors are bled in the blood bank as well as outdoor voluntary blood donation camps. The camps are strictly organized as per FDA (Food & Drug Administration) norms.

Autologous blood donors are motivated for Autologous transfusion (collection and reinfusion of the patient’s own red blood cells).

Autologous platelet concentrate therapy (APCC is being utilized in the nonsurgical and surgical orthopedic settings.APCC is administered in the form of an injection has been regularly practiced for following cases :-

  • Knee Medial Meniscus Tear.
  • Spine
  • Tennis elbow
  • Retro Calcaneal heel pain
  • Ankle sprains
  • Tendonitis and ligament sprains
  • Planter faciatis.
  • Endoscopic disectomy
  • Obesity
  • Skin
  • This therapy has shown remarkable results with the patients.

Our main aim is to collect 100% voluntary collection to meet the requirement of national policy.

Following screening test are done on each unit of blood collected in the blood bag. Screening tests that are HIV, HBsAg, HCV, VDRL, MP & Atypical (irregular) antibody test are done with all latest generation kits. With these latest kits we can reduce the window period of a donor, in order to issue safest blood to our patients.

Out of our total collection approximately 95% of blood is converted to blood components & these components are leucodepleted hence post transfusion reaction rate is almost zero. Compatibility testing is done by gel technology which proves the authenticity of acceptable blood for safety of our patients. With this technique blood can be issued within a short time i.e. half an hour. Every blood unit is issued with appropriate label, duely & correctly filled with all entries & properly checked by doctor on duty.

The components that are manufactured in the blood bank are leucodepleted from whole human blood which are as follows –

1) Red blood cell concentrate ( RBC’s ) / Packed cells volume ( PCV )

2) Fresh Frozen Plasma ( FFP )

3) Stored Plasma ( SP )

4) Platelet Concentrate

a) Single donor platelet ( Aphaeresis – SDP )

b) Random donor platelet ( RDP )

5) Cryoprecipitate

All the above components are stored at appropriate temperature as per it’s requirement.

FAQs –

Who can donate blood ?

Any healthy person.

How much should be the hemoglobin of the donor ?

≥12.5 gm% ( more than or equal to 12.5 gm% )

How frequently one can donate blood ?

It is very safe to donate blood once in three months.

Will blood donation harm me?

No as only 350 ml / 450 ml of blood is withdrawn from your body having 5 to 6 Liters of blood. The withdrawal volume is replenished within 24 hrs. As life span of Red blood cells is 90 – 120 days it is safe to donate every 3 to 4 months regularly.

Who cannot donate blood?

These suffering from Blood pressure, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma, Hepatitis B & C,Cancer & any other major illness

What are my benefits of blood donation ?

Red blood cell life span is 90 – 120 days after which they are discarded from our system but instead if it is donated previous life can be saved.
- Due to blood donation your Bone Marrow gets stimulated to produce new cells.
- Blood group & all serology tests are performed on your blood.
- This is a noble task one can do in his life without any expenditure.

Dr. Smita Joshi
Dr. Smita Joshi
MD (Pathology)

Incharge of blood bank, More than fifteen yrs in field of Transfusion Medicine, Publications at national & international level, Organized many CME’S.

Dr. Purnima S Rao
Dr. Purnima S Rao
M.Sc PhD ( Immunohaematology )

BBO & Sr Consultant & Administrative Incharge with 28yrs of experience in field Of Transfusion Medicine, having publications at National & international journals.
Recipient of more than nine awards. Has established more than nine blood banks.

Dr.Vishnu Ughade
Dr.Vishnu Ughade
M.B.B.S. M.D. ( PSM)

Working as a blood transfusion officer more than 20 yrs in Field of Transfusion Medicine.

Dr.Shailja Pargaonkar
Dr.Shailja Pargaonkar

Working as a blood transfusion officer more than 06 yrs in Field of Transfusion Medicine.